12”x18” print for otakuthon!
i’m sure this has been done before but i wanted to do my own!!
i love this anime so much……..


12”x18” print for otakuthon!

i’m sure this has been done before but i wanted to do my own!!

i love this anime so much……..

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Kagakuro for the one-shot writings. A headcanon that sometimes Kuroko would make Kagami pick him up so he can dunk since he's too short but it makes Kagami blush like the giant dork he his. :)))


The whole team just stared. Nobody talked, moved, or even breathed as they watched the bluenet get hoisted into the air. Kagami stood underneath him, a blush on his cheeks that rivaled his barbaric hair color.




Kuroko wore a faint smile as Kagami set him down. The basketball bounced once, twice, three times on the ground before Kagami picked it up, dribbling it nervously. “What are you staring at?!” he growled at the gawking team.


“Kagami kun,” Kuroko tugged on his shirt from behind. Kagami whipped around. The blush that had spread across his whole face was now darker than his hair. “Let’s do that again.”


“E-eh?! I already did it once, no way in hell I’m picking you up again!” But Kuroko was already holding his arms above his head, ready to be hoisted up once more by his light.


“Kuroko, did you not hear me?”




“I’m not gonna do it!”


Kuroko took the basketball from Kagami’s hands.


“Dammit, Kuroko!” the light growled, placing his hands on the shadow’s hips and lifting him up. Kuroko smiled that Kuroko smile, slamming the ball into the net and letting his fingers linger on the hoop.


Hyuuga was the first to speak. “Kagami, quit messing around. We came out here to—”


“Relax,” Kagami finished the sentence for him. “To relax. We got a day off, senpai. What’s the big deal?”


“Kagami kun,” Kuroko warned.


Kagami’s face heated up. He was obviously still embarrassed. How cute, Hyuuga thought bitterly. Still, regarding Kuroko’s warning, the hot-headed light turned away from his senpai and captain.


The rest of the team left about an hour ago, yet there Kagami and Kuroko were, Kagami’s arms getting tired from picking up the shadow so many times. “Kuroko, how many times do I have to do this?”


“Until I’m done.”


“And when will that be?”


“When I’m done.”


Great, he thought bitterly, picking the boy up again.

 (Thanks so much for the request! I hope you enjoyed! ^-^)

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more kurobas sketches

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[fic][kagakuro][warning:fluff] laundry day


It’s laundry day. 

Also, he had exclaimed that he had his personal heater anyways—this he said as he stared at Kagami rather intently—so there was that.

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Short KagaKuro One-Shot 


“Kagami kun, are you sure?”


“Because you don’t look—”

“Kuroko! I’m sure!” Kagami’s face was bright red as he stared at the boy in his lap. Kuroko, giving him his usual Kuroko face, leaned a bit closer to his face. In response, Kagami yelped like a scared little girl.

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NicoNico Kagakuro Video List 


Because I want to haha. Again, if you don’t have Nico ID you can register for free and they have English form. These are my personal favourites though, not all of them.

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A Natural Progression by daphnerunning, Galiko M
It isn’t rocket science why Kagami is avoiding him, but it *is* annoying. Kuroko, never one to sugar coat (even when delicate teenage hormones happen to be involved), takes it upon himself to address the issue by simply showing up at Kagami’s…

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List of KNB Artists from Pixiv etc


I was going through 400 blogs I follow intending to clean up a few, but I realized that the majority of blogs I follow are actually art blogs of people from pixiv and/or twitter etc. I decided I had enough to make a good list so here I am. Please respect the artist’s wishes when reblogging fanart!

NOTE: Most of these blogs are multi-fandom. Fanart of starred blogs are majority KNB. Mind that this is a long list, but you can search for blogs of interest by using your browser’s “Find” function.

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for my knb buddies on twitter, wingroad! and kurokobun!

pwp, sex in the shower on a saturday morning. (written under the dubious influence of far too much coffee). bjs, rimming, sex against a wall. etc.

Kneeling on porcelain hurts like a bitch, but Kagami’s not going to complain when the…

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i couldn’t watch the whole thing ww  but i made it until around 36mins when soraru died and it was game over… i guess they started all over again since there’s more than an hour more

who’s who:

until 30:55

Kirby - kashitaro | King Dedede - amatsuki | Waddle Dee - soraru | Meta Knight - mafumafu


kashitaro and soraru switched because kashitaro sucked being kirby then everything got better wwww

+ most of the time everyone’s just shouting "kAAby!" "OI!" and "aAbunai!!"

there was a point when about three of them almost died and when they healed each other they made noises like the queen of the night

+ and whenever they left something important out (like a power-up or key) they let kirby die so they could redo everything again

+ it was fun. if you’re up to the challenge, watch everything ww

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